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New Things Coming Soon to The New Ewe!

New Things Coming to Ewe soon...

Get EXCITED Fiber babes!

It's been kinda quiet over here at The Ewe lately. We apologize for any and all inconvenience this may cause. But it's not in vain friends. We have been diligently working to secure new products for the shop, planning fun, new events for all of ewe and working with indie dyers and designers to bring ewe a plethora of beautiful collaborations. We are bursting at the seams to share all of these fun new goodies with you, but we can't tell you EVERYTHING just yet as we are still working out lots of details. 

While I can't divulge every secret I've been keeping, I CAN let ewe all in on a few of them.
So let's talk a little bit about the embroidery kits we have lined up for Ewe! While Carolyn and I were galavanting around TNNA like a couple of lost sheep, we happened upon several FABULOUS small shops with multiple different types of embroidered goods. As you might have already seen on social media, I sneak peeked one of the embroidery designs we ordered, an adorable potted cactus plant. This super fun design showcases many different stitches and lots of pretty colors. This design, along with many more, will be available VERY soon at the shop. Go ahead and check out 'Un Chat Dans L'Aiguille' if you'd like a little preview of some of the cute new kits we will be offering.
We ordered a great array of kits from several other makers, but I guess you'll have to come in to the shop on Saturday, July 28th for the official launch of our brand new Embroidery product lines to find out what they are. More details on this event will be posted in the next 2 weeks.
This brings me to our next item of business, our Brand New Weaving products. I still can't tell you much about this topic, but I CAN tell ewe that we will be officially launching our new Weaving product lines a little bit sooner. Come in to the shop on Saturday, July 14th for a full view into all of the new goodies we are bringing in for all ewe weavers out there. Wether you're a total newbie or a seasoned weaver, we will have a little something for everyone. To accompany these fun new products, we will also be offering several new classes and workshops to teach you essential  tips and tricks of tapestry weaving. More information on this event will be posted in the next week. Class and Workshop details to come a little later as I am still working out the details with the instructors. 

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to tell you a little bit about what's going on with our class schedule right now. I'm sure most of you have noticed that there haven't really been ANY classes offered in the last month, and we are very sorry for that. With all of the new changes in management and the renovations we have been making at the shop, it has been harder than expected to keep up with our teaching schedule. Unfortunately, we have lost a few of our great instructors due to time constraints and other personal matters, and we are so sorry to see them go, they will be missed. BUT, luckily, our dearest Cindy Tuscany has stuck around and will be enlisting a full spectrum of knitting classes for the rest of the summer and beyond. We are SO grateful for Cindy's expertise and valuable contributions to our shop. We couldn't do this without you Cindy! And lest we not forget the darling Kalli Taylor who has FINALLY agreed to take on some teaching for us as well. We are so excited to now be offering individual private lessons with Kalli; she is such a patient and kind teacher and has learned SO much in her short time with us. Her expertise and confidence is growing daily, we hope you all love her as much as we do! 
I have been working tirelessly to find Ewe babes new and fun teachers, and I'm so proud to tell you that we have added several new faces to our staff. We are so excited to be working with these wonderful instructors to bring you a bunch of new classes and workshops in the near future. I will send out a separate email describing all of these new instructors and the courses they will be offering VERY soon, I just need to finish gathering my intel. 

That's pretty much all I have for you right now. I promise things are only gonna get better y'all. As Chadwick mentioned in our last newsletter, we are working to get Ravelry updated and managed as soon as we can. Our previous manager stepped back unexpectedly due to pressing matters in their own life, so we are working to fill those shoes ASAP. Again, we are so sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing. 
Thank you for sticking around and growing with us, if it weren't for all of EWE, we wouldn't even be around. We truly can't express enough gratitude for how much our fiber community means to us. EWE are the reason we keep working so hard to provide new and exciting products, people and events to inspire those creative fibers. Can't wait to share all of our fibrous bounty with ewe babes SO soon! Have a fabulous week my darlings. Until next time....^_^