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A FiberFULL Season Ahead!

Hello fiber friends! We sure have let time get away from us this summer! It’s been so busy at the shop with more renovations underway, all of the new products we’ve had coming through and our major preparations for the fast-approaching fall season. I apologize for our extreme absence in writing these newsletters this summer, it has certainly been weighing heavily on my mind. But it was not in vain and I promise it will be well worth the wait. I’m bursting at the seams to share all of the wonderful things we have lined up for you all this fall. I hope you are all ready to get your knit, crochet, weaving, spinning, felting, embroidery and macrame on HARD!! The kids are back to school, temperatures are FINALLY dropping and I definitely saw Halloween decorations for sale at the grocery store a few days ago, which OBVIOUSLY means fall is right around the corner! I can feel the crisp air and smell the pumpkin spice already! Just over here, dreaming of wearing the beautiful Boyland Knitworks sweaters I’ve been diligently knitting on all summer…. 

Speaking of Boyland Knitworks, does everyone know that our most fabulous knitting expert and pro teacher Cindy Tuscany is currently hosting a Boyland Knitworks Sweater Knit-along?? The cast-on party was this past Thursday, and it will continue to run every Thursday from 6-8 pm until the 28th of September, which will be the very last meet-up. Only 1 lovely lady braved the night on Thursday, we are hoping there will be more of you fabulous knitters in the coming weeks. If the turn-out gets big enough, there are several prizes to be had for anyone that participates using yarn they bought at The Twisted Ewe. You can choose ANY Boyland Knitworks sweater design and you can use any yarn you want, but in order to qualify for prizes, your yarn must be from our shop. We want everyone to join in, so don’t be afraid to come knit with us even if you aren’t using our yarns. We just love seeing your happy faces and the beautiful projects you make!

And speaking of sweaters…our annual Sweater Weather Get Together is coming up real soon too!
Tickets are now on sale at the shop OR on our website on the Classes & Events page. If you’ve been waiting for these tickets to go on sale, make sure to snatch yours ASAP because this event typically sells out pretty quickly. There are only 30 seats available, so act fast! There will be a luscious line-up of BRAND NEW product that you’ll get first dibs at. Your meal will be catered by Pat Mac's Catering. And, of course, there will be swag bags full of goodies for you to take home. We are pretty excited about this one y’all, hope you love everything we’ve been procuring just for YOU!

Now on to the JUICIEST bit of news…we will be hosting a “Grand Re-Opening” event on the 8th of
September from 10 am to 6 pm. If you haven’t been to the shop recently to see our flyers and
blackboard, or browsed the website in the last 2 weeks, let me just fill you in!

The Twisted Ewe Fiber Frolic is set to be a fun and family friendly day packed FULL of fibery goodness. We will have multiple demonstrators there to educate and show you all of their awesomely different fiber crafts. There will be a mixture of local makers and artists to purchase finished fiber-related goods from. Local non-profit organization RescEwe will be in attendance with several members of their fiber flock to both educate you in the ways of raising and tending to sheep as well as encourage involvement with their cause. Local *delicious* restaurant Casablanca will be there with their food truck. And Y’all, if you have never tasted their Cuban Sandwich, you are SERIOUSLY missing out! There will be several raffle giveaways throughout the day, but our super deluxe awesome sauce Grand Prize raffle will be $1 per ticket and ALL proceeds from this raffle will be donated to RescEwe to help further their endeavors. And that’s not even ALL of it people. We have such a fun day planned for you. But that’s all I’m going to tell you for now, just keep an eye on our social media over the next 2 weeks for sweet little teasers of vendors, activities and everything else this day has to offer. Come celebrate our 8th Anniversary in style, we really hope to see you there! 

I guess I’ll leave you babes with those juicy tid bits to chew on for a bit. I will just give you a quick glance into the Fall Class Schedule so you can get even more excited than you should already be….I’m currently working out dates and times with several new fiber artists, which include, but are not limited to: Macrame, Embroidery, Needle Felting, Spinning and….I guess you’ll just have to tune in next time! Don’t worry, these Newsletters will be much more frequent this season as we just have SO much to share with you all! Thanks for your continued patience and patronage. We couldn’t do this without EWE. Baha