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Welcome to the Twisted Stitchers Club! 
We want to showcase the completed fiber art projects made by our incredibly talented customers! It can be any kind of fiber art made from products purchased from the Twisted Ewe. If you would like to join our Twisted Stitchers Club, we'll need the following basic pieces of information from you:

  • Your First Name & Last Initial
  • Type of Fiber Art: Knit/Crochet/Stitchery/Weaving/Felting
  • Name of the Pattern you used, if available
  • Where you found the pattern (Ravelry, Book, etc)
  • Cost/Free
  • Name of the Fiber you used (Specific Yarn name, Colorway, etc)
On your next visit into the store, bring the finished project and provide the above information to any Twisted Ewe employee. We'll snap a quick photo of the project to go with the information you provide. You don't have to be in the photo if you do not wish to be. And Voila! A star is born!! 

Twisted Stitcher: Leslie H.

Type of Fiber Art: Crochet

Name of Pattern: Kelly's Frothy Scarf & Wrap 

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $6.00

Pattern Link: Kelly's Frothy Scarf & Wrap

Yarn: Andean Mist Baby Alpaca & Silk and Kid Silk Mohair

Colors: N/A
Twisted Stitcher: Margaret A.

Type of Fiber Art: Knitting

Name of Pattern: Cloud Cover 

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $6.80

Pattern Link: Cloud Cover by Heidi Kirrmaier

Yarn: Dragonfly Fibers

Colors: Damsel "Daenerys" and "Maggie May"
Twisted Stitcher: Catherine W.

Pattern: Sakasama Jacket 

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $8.00

Pattern Link: Sakasama Jacket by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co. 

Colors: Shadow
Twisted Stitcher: Leslie H. 

Pattern: Dahlia Shawl 

On Ravelry: No

$$/Free: $$

Pattern Link: INTERWEAVE CROCHET Spring 2011

Yarn: N/A

Colors: N/A
Twisted Stitcher: Lisa B.

Pattern: Outlander Cowl 

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: Free

Pattern Link: Outlander Cowl

Yarn: Rowan Brushed Fleece

Colors: N/A
Twisted Stitcher: Annette E.

Pattern: Vicki's Hat & Cowl 

On Ravelry: No

$$/Free: Free

Pattern Link: In Store

Yarn: Labushka Fiber (base yarn for both hats)
          Left Hat (Grey): Shibui Mohair & Alpine Lux Fur Effect
          Right Hat: Primrose Mohair & Alpine Lux Fur Effect 

Colors: N/A
Twisted Stitcher: Leslie H.

Pattern: Out of a Book - Crochet

On Ravelry: No

$$/Free: N/A

Pattern Link: N/A

Yarn: Mad Tosh (Pink), Prairie (Green) 

Twisted Stitcher: Mary B

Pattern: #1605 

On Ravelry: No

$$/Free: N/A

Pattern Link: Old Bacilla Pattern Book, page 6

Yarn: Cascade

Colors: Longwood # 01

Twisted Stitcher: Cindy T.

Pattern: 'Lil Sonya Tee' by Born & Raised Knits

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $6

Pattern Link: 'Lil Sonya Tee'

Yarn: Rustic Fingering from Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Colors: Rock Creek Park & Swoon
Twisted Stitcher: Jasmine K.

Pattern: 'Lindoro' by Caitlin Hunter

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $5

Pattern Link: 'Lindoro'

Yarn: Mad Tosh: Forsta & Holi Festival
Twisted Stitcher: Franki H.

Pattern: 'Exordium' by Rebecca Picoult

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $5

Pattern Link: 'Exordium'

Yarn: Neighborhood - Penthouse Silk
Twisted Stitcher: Trish B.

Pattern: 'Close to You' by Justyna Lorkowska

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: Free

Pattern Link: 'Close to You'

Yarn: Gamma 0039 (Tan/Brown)
Twisted Stitcher: Cindy P.

Pattern: Quick Ombre Hat

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: Free

Pattern Link: Quick Ombre Hat

Yarn: Modern Cotton (2 Hats) and Nurture DK (1 Hat)
Twisted Stitcher: Margret A.

Pattern: LiCa (Light Cardigan) sweater 

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $$

Pattern Link: LiCa

Yarn: 1.5 skeins of Juniper Moon

Twisted Stitcher: Vicki L.

Pattern: Wanderlust - Nikki West 

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: $$

Pattern Link: Wanderlust

Yarn: Alexandra's Crafts - Sun River - Espresso & Persimmon
Twisted Stitcher: Nancy B

 String of Pearls Shawl - Sarah Lento 

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: Free

Pattern Link: String of Pearls Shawl

Yarn: Cascade Heritage

Twisted Stitcher: Kathy S.

Pattern: Mesh Grocery Tote (handles were modified)

On Ravelry: Yes

$$/Free: Free

Pattern Link: Mesh Grocery Tote

Yarn: Ella Rae - Phoenix DK Prints